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The aim of this document is to define the privacy policy of Futoshiki.com. This page mentions the data collected during the process of accessing our website, the purpose for using this data, sharing policies applicable to it and the rights that you have as a consumer.

Data Collected

Over the course of a visit, you're going to access Futoshiki.com in a specific language, from a specific location and IP address, by using your device, for the purpose of accessing specific puzzle games which you aim to resolve. We may log (or reserve the right to log) such details, including specific performance metrics of resolving puzzles (e.g. time taken to reach a solution) in connection with specific puzzle ids.

Furthermore, there might be additional details included in the scope of such logs, including characteristics of your device such as resolution and color depthness. We might also store small information on your device (such as string values) to help us keep a reference to you as a visitor across different site visits.

Data Purposes

We collect the information detailed above for several purposes:

Data Sharing

We keep the information above private and we have a zero tolerance policy against unsolicited emails no matter where they originate from. When sharing such data with our partners (infrastructure providers, accounting partners, analytics and ad publishing platforms etc) we review their terms and conditions to ensure they keep the data at least at the same privacy standards that we would hold it ourselves.

Data Rights

We support you exercising your rights per the GDPR regulation and other similar acts of law around the world that might be applicable to the jurisdiction where you live. In particular, if, at any time, you end up providing to us in specific ways details that are personal in nature (your name, your email address, your physical address etc) you have a right to request at a future time the deletion of this data in an explicit manner. Reach out at admin@beetux.com to request such rights to be exercised in connection with your data.


We welcome any feedback that you might have regarding this privacy policy at admin@beetux.com .

By visiting the Futoshiki.com website you agree to the provisions mentioned in this document. If you do not agree with them please stop using the site (althrough you are encountered to contact us to mention the modifications that you'd like to see being made in the policy to accommodate your needs).

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